21. Dec, 2017

Welcome To My World!

Hi and welcome! My name is Athena and this is my first post. The goal of my blog, “Welcome To My World” is to share with you some of the insights I have developed as I have had to navigate within this world as a woman with cerebral palsy. I will aim to bring you a glimpse of my world in the hope of making us all realise that we really do come from the one world; the world where deep down we feel the same longings, desires, dreams and goals.

This blog will bring both Objective Knowledge and Subjective Experience in my everyday tasks and experiences. I will cover such topics as Family, Employment, Disability and Sexuality, Disability and Theology, My Journey on the NDIS, Mental Health and Social Issues. This is a blog about disability through my eyes and life. But I hope this will also generate conversation and/or even debate! I am not claiming to know everything about disability. This blog comes from my personal perspective; this is my story but  I look forward to connecting with you, starting a dialogue and even hearing your stories.