Meeting The Needs Training Workshop at Kids Games, Ryde, 2002










Disability Awareness Training Workshop

This workshop looks at the historical aspect of the disability culture and legislation in Australia. It covers information on different type of disabilities and how one is affected by that disability. A Question and Answer time will generate discussion. 


Meeting The Needs Workshop

This workshop looks at inclusion issues within your own organisation, community group and faith communities. Universal Needs are looked at and case studies of different type of people with different type of disabilities are workshopped in small groups and later discussed as a whole group.


Living Your Dreams - Building Self Advocacy Skills

This 90-minute workshop aimed at people with physical and/or intellectual disability explores how each one of us has a dream deep within our selves and look at the steps to make dreams a reality, This workshop fosters self-advocacy skills and therefore empowerment and self-fulfillment.


Secret Business Club 

A 10-week Disability and Sexuality Workshop aimed at people with physical and/or intellectual disability covering such topics as Relationships, Boundaries, Sexual Relationships, Safe Sex issues. Each session begins with a short skit on the topic of the day, a whole group discussion and then pair off in gender groups where specific quesions and discussions continue.